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NOTE: This is the 'Play Money' version! Please view the main Virtual Property Real Estate Games Index if you want a different mode.

Welcome To The Virtual City Of Koolandia!  

Playday Real Estate is a fun place for people who like property games where you can buy and sell properties with other players in 'real time' to see who is the most savvy investor! Who will have the most valuable assets? To challenge you even further, our citizens are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that determines their actions, according to factors such as improvements you have made to your apartment building, rental rates, newspaper delivery services, and other incentives. Game play is turn based and just one day can mean years in Koolandian time! The aim is to buy low and sell your assets for a high profit, but can you do it? You must keep your tenants happy so they don't move out, as a property with more people tends to have a higher value! This free version of our multiplayer property games mode is ad supported and you get 250 Playday Dollars (PD) to play with immediately just for joining! You can also earn more Play Money by doing quick surveys when logged into the website. If you get good enough here you can try our 'real money' version and earn actual profits!!  Helpful Links:  [ How It Works  ]  [ How To Play ]

Top Property Investors
Username Portfolio Value
vaibhavloving69 $11182.86
CrissFawkes $9795.71
agentul007 $7175.00
garth777 $7023.57
Ales Maca $5647.86

*Table updated on every market turn
Highest Profit Makers
User Earnings

*Calculations are gathered from the past month of site activity.